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Valerie Rix

Valerie is a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher as well as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Cupping Therapist. Trained in a variety of modalities, she enjoys finding a balance of sukha (ease) and sthira (steadiness) in her teaching and bodywork.

Val found yoga as a teenager and after over 15 years still finds wonder in the benefits of a regular practice, ranging from reduced physical pain, to finding resource in a stronger body and a calmer mind and spirit. Her teaching style is accommodating for beginner to intermediate students and balances hard work with fun and self-care. She enjoys sharing yoga with others, and helping them to experience how good the body is designed to feel.

When she isn’t doing yoga or bodywork, Val enjoys hiking, music, making jewelry, swimming, gardening, baking and spending time with her dogs and cat.

Jessica Gonsiorowski

Born and raised in Germany by a German mom and American father, Jessica enjoyed a multicultural upbringing. Her parents focused on a wholesome education and felt the passion and importance of traveling and experiencing other countries and there cultural. Jessica took her first yoga class when she was 19 years old and noticed its uniqueness from the beginning. In her late twenties she found her body and mind out of balance what lead her to a more intensive practice. Being able to relax and letting go of thoughts and stressors as well as finding inner strength through creating a strong body made her feel better and reconnecting with herself. Still to this day the quality to be able to stay in the present moment and knowing its importance has been the biggest gift she has received from her practice.

Inspired by a teacher and her talent to teach in such a loving and meaningful way she decided to take on the 200 hour teacher training herself in 2015. As a teacher she focuses on the body mind connection, good alignment, creating awareness of personal needs and nourishing the relationship with them self. She continues to be impressed by the parallels of life on and off the mat and hopes to communicate that within her classes. She strives for her students to have fun and to find their personal practice within her classes and outside of the studio.

As a mom of two girls Jessica believes in the benefits of yoga during the time of pregnancy as well as postpartum. Helping moms to strengthen the connection to their changing body and growing baby is Jessica’s main goal as prenatal yoga teacher. Furthermore she hopes to offer her students relive from some pregnancy related discomforts and to creating a safe space and community for moms and moms to be.

 Jessica graduated in June 2017 from her 85 hours prenatal teacher training at Bloom Yoga.

Bridget Bulmer

Yoga is an ancient practice of uniting the body and mind through breath and movement. Bridget believes that one-hour of yoga a day will serve to benefit all other areas of your life. Bridget graduated from Tulane University with a Bachelors of Science in Public Health. In May 2018, Bridget went to Bali, Indonesia to complete her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in the Hatha and Vinyasa traditions. Her experience is in yoga, physical therapy, injury-prevention and back rehabilitation. Yoga has helped Bridget overcome physical and emotional trauma and she is passionate to share her practice with others to help increase their quality of life. Bridget’s current aspiration first and foremost, is to help her students achieve their goals and live a happier life. When Bridget is not practicing yoga you can find her traveling, reading, meditating, painting, enjoying music, and the outdoors. 

Matthew Artarian

Power Vinyasa Yoga was recommended to me by a friend and it changed my life. The initial focus on breath led to more self-reflection, which inevitably led to a heightened level of body awareness as well as mental awareness.  I'm very lucky yoga came into my life and I am now able to share it with others.  

Vera Kulezic

Vera has been practicing various forms of qigong since taking her first class in San Diego over 10 years ago while studying for her degree in Chinese medicine. For Vera, qigong is a beautiful practice that brings a sense of well-being, deep relaxation, and a feeling of connection to Oneness. She mainly practices and now teaches a form of medical qigong called Baduanjin, or the 8 Brocades.  It is a dynamic set of eight special exercises, gentle but firm, done with natural breathing and concentration, that promotes the flow of qi and blood, stretches the muscles, strengthens the joints and bones, improves coordination, flexibility, circulation, and is beneficial to all the systems and organs. The best part of qigong for Vera is the pure joy she receives teaching others how to cultivate their own healing abilities.  

Jodi Fedoruk, RYCT

Yoga inspires Jodi to live each moment more mindfully. She has been committed to a yoga practice throughout her life seeing its benefits, on and off the mat. Yoga has taught Jodi to manage life changes and transitions with gratitude, kindness and self- respect. Jodi brings yoga principles with years of experience to her class for students of all ages.  She seeks to help others see the healing effects yoga has in all parts of their lives. Jodi completed her 200 hour Hatha teacher training at The Chicago Yoga Center with Suddha Weixler, Essentials of Teaching Yoga to Children - an intensive study of Therapeutic


Yoga for Children with Mira Binzen, and has completed level 1 Kids Yoga teacher training. When you step off the mat after a class with Jodi, you are refreshed, relaxed, and balanced.

Evelyn Levin

Evelyn Levin Group fitness and yoga teacher

200 hour yoga teacher training yogafit

2 Aqua wellness certification

Scw pilates mat certification

Barre above barre cert

Fitness formula Body Works cert

In the process of completing group exercise certification through The National Academy of Sports Medicine

Mary Ann Rage

Mary Ann has been a LMT for over 20 years. She has been practicing yoga for  15 year and last 5 at least 5 classes a week of vinyasa and hatha. In August of 2018 she completed a 200hr certification program at Yoga View in Chicago. The primary belief of her teachings are breath, foundation and posture, fundamentals to building strength and engagement of all the muscles groups. Mary Ann has taken additional training over the past year and looks forward to teaching at the studio.

Ashley Sylverster

Joanna Zabiega

Barb Leane

Donna Lilja

Donna is a certified yoga instructor in Vinyasa yoga. Her yoga classes are ideal for anyone new to yoga and she enjoys coaching and sharing the many true benefits of a regular practice. Her  beginner level Yoga sequence helps to build strength, increase flexibility & self-awareness. It is challenging, dynamic and moderately paced so anyone can learn the fundamental postures and principles that create a successful and effective yoga practice. Having been a student of yoga for many years  and now as a teacher, these same benefits plus a whole lot more keep her coming back to her mat.  

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